“A new British talent... beautiful, filmic compositions for accordion, harp, whistle and voice”
- The Guardian


FREY (Penny Fiddle Records, 2022) is the debut solo album from Bristol-based folk musician & composer Tamsin Elliott.


Festival favourite Solana's rich and inventive sonic tapestry encompasses folk idioms, modal jazz and experimental grooves.


Hedera is a quintet brought together by a desire to lean into the slower & more delicate side of European folk traditions.


Egyptian/English collaboration.
"A poised, atmospheric fusion delivered by two master players" - The Observer

Tamsin Elliott & Tarek Elazhary

Exploring the parallels and celebrating the idiosyncrasies of both Egyptian and English folk traditions, Elliott and Elazhary aim to find commonality, foster cross-cultural connection and help to heal the scars of a colonial past through meaningful and conscious collaboration.

A dialogue born of mutual respect and friendship enables instruments from disparate traditions - lever harp, accordion and flute, and the Arabic oud - to speak with the same voice, the voice of a future-facing new generation wishing to build something authentic and beautiful together. 

"A poised, atmospheric fusion delivered by two master players"
- The Observer ⭐⭐⭐⭐

 So Far We Have Come

Our critically acclaimed debut duo album So Far We Have Come is out now on Penny Fiddle Records!

The album title came to us after a conversation about the progress of women’s rights that’s been made in Egypt and the UK. We see how much has changed, and yet how far we have to go - and this echoes across ecological crises, geopolitical tensions, racism and societal disconnection. So Far We Have Come also reflects the distance and barriers we have overcome to create this work together.

We're super grateful for the support of EFDSS, Help Musicians and Culture Resource المورد الثقافي in making this album and tour possible ♡ 

Tamsin Elliott & Tarek Elazhary - El Hara

The lead single from Tamsin Elliott & Tarek Elazhary's debut album 'So Far We Have Come', El Hara opens with a striking Oud melody and swells to full expression as Tamsin joins on accordion, followed by her brother and producer Rowan Elliott on viola and Ricardo de Noronha on percussion.

“El Hara refers to a tiny alleyway bustling with life in the old part of Cairo”, Tarek remarks, “and this is a really Egyptian-feeling piece.”

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Debut solo album 'FREY'

Tamsin's critically acclaimed debut solo album ‘FREY’, which features the playing of Sid Goldsmith and Rowan Rheingans, came out in 2022 on Penny Fiddle Records.

"Tamsin Elliott's debut album, FREY, is, in a word, sublime. Few albums this year have taken us on such a magical journey" - TradFolk

Tamsin is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and film-maker based in Bristol, UK. With roots in the folk music of the British Isles, her interests and playing styles extend to the musics of Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East as well as experimental music and sound art.

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