Tamsin is a folk musician, composer and film-maker based in Bristol, UK. With roots in the dance tunes of the British Isles, her interests and playing styles extend to European and Middle Eastern musics as well as experimental and ambient sounds. Her "beautiful, filmic compositions for accordion, harp, whistle and voice" (The Guardian) are rooted in tradition, whilst pushing boundaries and exploring minimalist, neo-classical, sound art and other non-traditional formats. 

Her debut solo album ‘FREY’, which features the playing of Sid Goldsmith and Rowan Rheingans, was released to critical acclaim on Penny Fiddle Records in June 2022. In this work Tamsin explores themes of limbo, pain, healing and acceptance, reflecting on the microcosm of her personal experience of chronic illness alongside wider themes of societal disconnection and environmental grief. 

"One of the most accomplished debut albums we've heard in a long time... the influence of tradition pulses through every track" - Tradfolk

In writing, recording and touring FREY, Tamsin was supported by Sound and Music's flagship artist development programme 'New Voices 2020', PRS Foundation's Women Make Music funding, and a bursary from the Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust.

Tamsin is a co-founder of the festival favourite Mediterranean fusion project Solana ("Dazzling musicianship" - Songlines), who have released several albums and toured extensively throughout Europe. She also performs with European folk quintet Hedera, as well as in various traditional folk and ceilidh ensembles. 

In 2023, in residency at Cecil Sharp House and supported by both EFDSS and Help Musicians, Tamsin is working with acclaimed Egyptian composer and oud-player Tarek Elazhary to write and record an exciting body of work. Exploring the parallels and celebrating the idiosyncrasies of both Egyptian and English folk traditions, Tamsin and Tarek aim to find commonality, foster cross-cultural connection and help to heal the scars of a colonial past through meaningful and conscious collaboration.

Tamsin is a self-shooting creative director and works with moving image under the moniker Solanum Films. Her long-form directorial debut [FROM THE COOP] (40 mins, 2020) is a hybrid music documentary, depicting life in lockdown through the eyes of her musical household. 

Tamsin's other interests include film photography, growing vegetables, balfolk dancing (badly) and cycle touring.

"There is a rich thread of collaboration throughout [Tamsin's work], one which both celebrates and highlights the coming together of cultures and music... The results are always refreshingly inventive and exciting" - Folk Radio UK

"[FREY] is a very human record in which the many cross-cultural influences magnificently coalesce to transcend hardship and distress" - Songlines

"Such music can offer clarity while the chaos of life threatens to engulf us" - Folk Radio UK

“On a spectrum of folk to art music, FREY is on the right side of the rainbow” - Irish Music Magazine

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